Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a major problem in Australia. In fact, melanoma remains the most common cancer affecting 15 to 39 year old Australians. Concerningly, the incidence rates are also rising significantly in the over 60 age groups.

There are two ways we can deal with this: the first is in prevention, and the other is early detection.

You can make a big difference by checking your own skin at home, or having someone check it for you. A GP who has experience in skin cancer and skin checks can help detect and treat early signs of skin cancer before it becomes a problem.

We have a dedicated skin cancer GP who is FRACGP-qualified and has extensive experience and qualifications in skin cancer medicine and surgery.

We can provide:

  • full body skin cancer checks for the early detection and management of melanoma and other skincancers (30 minutes)
  • more brief skin cancer spot checks to look at one or two specific skin lesions/moles that you may be concerned about (15 minutes).

Suspicious spots can be monitored using a specialised imaging software system. In other cases, we can also perform the medical procedures to sample or remove moles for examination by a pathologist.

At your appointment you can also discuss how frequently you need to have a skin check.

We’ve also written additional information on topics about skin cancer:

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