Travel Vaccinations

Our Travel Clinic can help you be prepared and immunised for your upcoming travel plans.

After the global impact of COVID-19 begins to subside many people will be keen to get back to travelling. You can be prepared for your future travel plans by being up to date with your travel vaccinations.

The first step is to make an appointment to assess your current vaccination and immune status.

Depending on your previous immunisation history, you might not need to have certain vaccinations. There are some infectious diseases that you could have long term immunity from.

Travel vaccinations differ depending on your destination and the type of terrain you might be visiting.

For some diseases, a blood test can be useful or necessary to confirm your immunity levels. If your blood test confirms high immunity levels, your vaccination may be avoided. In circumstances where your immunity or previous vaccinations cannot be confirmed it is, in most cases, safe to have further vaccination.

Before attending your appointment at the travel clinic, gather as much information about your previous vaccinations. Even your childhood immunisations can be helpful.

Travel Vaccinations

We have stock of the many travel vaccines including:

– Hepatitis A
– Typhoid vaccine
– Whooping Cough
– Tetanus

Yellow Fever Vaccine

Albert Road General Practice is an accredited provider of Yellow Fever Vaccine. We keep stock of Yellow Fever Vaccine in our travel clinic.

Rare vaccines

If you are travelling to certain areas of the world and need a less common vaccination, such as the rabies vaccine or Japanese Encephalitis, these will be ordered in and provided to you.

An appointment discussing your travel plans is not just about injections. You can also arrange prescriptions to help protect you from illnesses such as malaria or diarrhoea. Some travellers will seek advice to assist with jetlag, or sea sickness.

Our doctors look forward to hearing about your future travel plans and helping to support your general health and wellness to ensure you have the best trip possible.

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