What Contraception Should I Use?

Contraception is used to prevent a pregnancy. There are several options you can consider using to avoid becoming pregnant.

Unplanned pregnancy is surprisingly common and can be quite a distressing experience.

It’s important to think about what contraceptive choice best suits you if you are not currently wanting to become pregnant.

There are many different contraception options available, and it can all be quite confusing and intimidating to know which is the most suitable for you. What works for your friends, might not be the best solution for you.

Your GP can discuss a range of options with you and help you decide what will work best for you.

Contraception options to consider:

• Intrauterine devices (such as Mirena, copper IUD etc)
• Hormonal implants (such as implanon)
• The oral contraceptive pills (combined as well as the mini pill)
• Contraceptive injections (depot)
• Condoms, diaphragms and other barrier methods

Birth control pills are widely known and understood, they have been around for many years and there are several options that you can consider using. Commonly referred to as “the Pill”, if taken correctly, it can be 99.7% effective, but you must remember to take it daily. Human nature and your personal lifestyle can reduce the effectiveness if you do not take the Pill as prescribed.

The Emergency Contraceptive Pill is a form of contraception that is taken after you have had unprotected sex. You can speak directly to your local pharmacy about arranging an emergency birth control pill.

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