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Albert Road General Practice believes in the importance of all Australians having a relationship with their GP and indeed their General Practice. We believe in continuity of care that can be delivered through innovative technology, well thought-out systems and trusted relationships with health practitioners that are both knowledgeable and caring. Here are some of our most popular services:

We offer full body skin checks for the early detection and management of melanoma and other skin cancers over a 30 minute appointment. We also perform more brief checks over 15 minutes to look at one or two specific skin lesions/moles that you may be concerned about. Suspicious spots can be monitored using a specialised imaging software system. In other cases, we can also perform the medical procedures to sample or remove moles for examination by a pathologist.

Women’s health

We are very proud to have a female doctor with a particular interest in women’s and children’s health, sexual health, fertility, pregnancy care, contraception and menopause. We are able to provide shared maternity care, insertion of Implanons and Mirena IUDs, in addition to the usual range of women’s health services, such as pap smears (now called cervical screens), breast screens, contraception, pregnancy planning, postnatal health and women’s mental health.

Six-week postnatal checks

It is recommended for all women to have a check 6 weeks after delivery. This is an opportunity to raise any questions or concerns you may have about:

  • your health (including mental health)
  • your baby’s health
  • breastfeeding
  • contraception
  • future family planning.

This can be booked as a standalone appointment, but most patients book this back-to-back with the 6 week baby check and immunisation, to get a complete check of mum and bub.

Six-week baby checks & immunisations

This is a head-to-toe check of your baby, similar to what would have been done in hospital. This is a chance for:

  • early detection of any medical problems
  • doing routine six-week immunisations
  • discussing any specific questions or concerns
Men's Health

Men’s health

We know that blokes sometimes get embarrassed about issues relating to their health. Our doctors are trained to deal with men’s health issues in a compassionate and down to earth way. We want all men to know they are in good hands and can feel comfortable and confident to discuss all health related issues, from heart health to sexual health.

Mental health

We can help with stress, anxiety and other psychological problems. We work with you through all stages of mental health, from identifying issues early, to putting together management plans for you to manage your long-term mental wellbeing.

Preventative Health Services

Preventive Health Advice

Prevention is the best cure. We test for conditions which might indicate long-term health issues, and help you put in place steps to improve your health.

We can help with:

  • blood pressure and cholesterol checks
  • weight loss advice
  • quitting smoking
  • alcohol-related issues
  • kicking other indulgences

As a special service at Albert Road General Practice we offer Japanese language booking and consultations. If you require medical care in Japanese, or know someone who does, get in touch or call us to speak to one of our friendly staff for more information.

Travel clinic & vaccines

Our GPs are experts in travel medicine. We stock all common travel vaccines, including:

  • hepatitis A, hepatitis b, typhoid,
  • japanese encephalitis, rabies, yellow fever, Boostrix (whooping cough)
  • cholera, meningococcal

can arrange prescriptions and injection for anything that we don’t have in stock. It is recommended to book at least four to six weeks prior to your trip for optimal results.

We make injections as painless as possible. Dr Jones’ special technique is very popular with patients who don’t like needles (who does?).

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