Your 6 week postnatal check

The weeks after the birth of your baby are referred to as the postnatal period.

Your postnatal care is very important, in the first few weeks after birth your body will go through many changes as your body adjusts and you recover from your birth.

The birth of your baby can be a big change both physically, emotionally and mentally, your postnatal care should not be ignored.

After allowing a few weeks to settle in with your baby and rest, it’s recommended to have a 6 week postnatal check-up.

What happens at a six-week postnatal check?

After you give birth, so much attention is given to the new baby (after all, everyone has been waiting for 9 months!), that the mother is often forgotten about. As a new mother, you are so busy adjusting to life with a newborn that it is easy to deprioritise your health, but this period of time is one of the most important times in your life to make sure your wellbeing (both physical and mental) is being looked after.

At the very least, it is recommended that you have a check with your GP and/or your obstetrician six weeks after delivery. Your doctor will usually ask you questions about:

  • your health (including mental health)
  • your baby’s health
  • breastfeeding
  • contraception
  • future family planning.

You should also bring any questions or concerns you may have about the physical changes that happen to your body in the postnatal phase, and about your mental wellbeing, with a GP that you trust.

At Albert Road General Practice, we can do six-week postnatal checks either as a standalone appointment, or as a back-to-back appointment when your baby has his/her six-week baby check and immunisations. Most of our patients book their six-week postnatal check as a back-to-back with the 6 week baby check and immunisation, to get a complete check of mum and bub.

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