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Comprehensive patient care

At Albert Road General Practice, we believe quality health care cannot be rushed, and that it takes time to properly explore a person’s health from the big picture. Our default is to book new patients for 30 minute consultations and, where time permits, a 20 minute consultation as the standard length for existing patients.

A ‘brief’ appointment of less than 15 minutes may be appropriate after a therapeutic relationship has been established and if only fairly simple issues need to be discussed.

We consider all appointments with patients as a chance to not only solve the issues brought by our patients but also to actively seek out other areas of health we can optimise, including:

  • regularly reviewing past history
  • discussing family history of medical illness
  • ensuring appropriate screening for lifestyle related diseases and cancers are up to date.

Evidence-based medicine

Just like many other elements of our fast paced world, medical knowledge changes rapidly.

Our GPs endeavour to keep abreast of the latest in evidence-based medicine, so that we are well-placed to discuss various treatment and investigation options with you.

Privacy policy

Our practice complies with all relevant State and Territory legislations and laws. You can access our privacy policy on our Legal and Compliance page.

Our customer care philosophy

When we are not feeling well, we all want a little extra love and care. That is why we have a handpicked team of experienced doctors and staff, who are trained to provide you with the best healthcare experience on offer.

Patient care is at the front of our minds to ensure that every moment – from booking, to your consultation and beyond – is dealt with in a respectful and pleasant manner.

We trust that you will have the very best of customer care whilst interacting with our clinic.

Simply contact us to make an appointment or book online.

Our Practitioners

Dr Joshua Jones, Melbourne GP profile photo

Dr. Joshua Jones


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Dr Michelle Wellington Women's Health GP Melbourne

Dr. Michelle Wellington


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Dr Ian Devlin Skin Cancer Doctor

Dr. Ian Devlin


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Dr. Philip George


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Our Allied Health Members

Katsuhiro Inoue Physiotherapist

Katsuhiro Inoue


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John Charles Podiatrist

John Charles


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Our Staff

Alyssa O'Brien

Alyssa O’Brien

Practice Nurse

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