About our fees

Albert Road General Practice is a private billing medical clinic. In order to provide the best care possible an out of pocket fee will apply to your consultation.

Our standard consultation fees

Click here if you would like more information on the terms used in the table, or contact us if you’d like further explanation regarding any of these fees. If you do not hold a Medicare card please mention this to our booking staff when making an appointment as different fees apply.

Please note: If you visit our clinic for an appointment within two weeks of your prior appointment, you may be eligible for a discounted out-of-pocket fee at your doctor’s discretion.

Appointment/Service Total Cost Medicare Rebate Out-of-Pocket Fee
Standard consultation (up to 30 mins) $133.05 $75.05 $58.00
Longer consultation (over 40 mins) $168.50 $110.50 $58.00
Brief consultation (up to 15 mins) $96.75 $38.75 $58.00
Mirena (IUD) insertions, skin checks and excisions1 Varies Varies Varies
Other medical procedures2/nurse appointments3 Varies Varies Varies

1. Mirena insertions and skin checks/excisions are carried out by our specialist GPs and are charged as a combination of a consultation fee, part of the cost of consumables (eg dressings) and a nurse appointment fee that reflects the nature of the procedure. Please call us on 03 9111 8959 to discuss the prices for these procedures.

2. This medical procedure fee is different to the procedure fee for Mirena insertions and skin checks/excisions that are carried out by our specialist GPs. This fee covers procedures such as insertion or removal of Implanon, skin stitches or skin glue, skin cancer or other skin lesion removals, and includes the nurse appointment fee.

3. The nurse appointment fee will apply for basic medical procedures such as administering vaccines and changing dressings. Please note that consumables (eg travel vaccines, dressings etc) will apply on top of the nurse appointment fee. For Mirena insertions, skin checks/excisions and other more complex procedures, a different fee will apply instead.


We understand that your day might not go as planned, and that you may need to cancel an appointment from time to time.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please give us a call as soon as possible. At least an hours’ notice is ideal, as this will allow waitlisted patients a chance to be seen.

Failure to give us sufficient notice, or failure to attend an appointment attracts a $55 fee.

Urgent appointments

If you require an urgent appointment, please give us a call and we will try our best to fit you in.

For emergencies, please call Emergency (000) or visit the Emergency department at your nearest hospital. The nearest hospital to our clinic is The Alfred Hospital, 55 Commercial Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004.

Allied Health Fees


Physio Katsu Total Cost
Physio Initial Consultation $95.00             
Subsequent Consultation $85.00
Long Subsequent Consultation (2 areas) $110.00

Please be advised that Physio Katsu may charge extra for consumables related to your treatment.


John Charles, The Running Podiatrist Total Cost
Initial Consultation (45 mins) $112.00             
Standard Consultation (30 mins) $88.00

Note: Medicare rebate may be available for some services with a valid referral.