By Dr Joshua Jones

It’s Movember again.

If you are just looking for an excuse to grow that dirty ‘mo out again, perhaps this is a good time to think about the reasons why Movember exists.

That being, of course, to promote Men’s Health.

But what exactly is ‘Men’s Health’?

Well, other than health topics which typically affect men (eg diseases and conditions of the male genitalia, baldness – things that we already know are clearly “men’s health” issues), “men’s health” can be anything you want it to be!

Take a moment to reflect on what “men’s health” means to you and how you might go about improving your own health as a man.

Here is an exercise - find a quiet spot and jot down some answers to the following questions.

  1. What does being ‘healthy’ mean to me?
  2. Am I currently maintaining my health to a high standard?
  3. What diseases do I worry about or am I afraid of getting?
  4. What diseases should I be more on the lookout for and perhaps become more educated about to assist in preventing them?

Once you have answered these questions, I want you to go into action mode and work out what YOU are going to do to improve Your Health health within the framework of the above.

How do I work out what I’m going to do to improve my health?

Step 1: Write down one daily habit that you will incorporate (or modify) over the next 6 weeks to ensure you are achieving a higher standard of health, compared to today. Your GP can help you identify appropriate habits that will put you on the path to achieving this higher standard of health.

Step 2: Have a conversation with at least one other person within the next week, about your ‘health’, what it means to you and how you feel about Your Health. This can be your partner, a trusted friend, or your GP.

Step 3: Take action about any niggling concerns you have had about Your Health before the end of the current month. Your GP can help you plot a path through your health concerns and help you take steps towards achieving your health goals.

Have a conversation with one of our GPs today about YOUR men’s health issue.

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