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Dr Yuri Raymon


Dr Yuri Raymon is a highly experienced General Practitioner, boasting an impressive 22-year career dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare. With a broad skill set spanning various medical domains, Dr Raymon has become a trusted name in the field.

His expertise extends to specialised areas such as Medical Cannabis Prescription, Iron Infusions, Minor Surgery, and Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Additionally, Dr Raymon possesses a robust background in Dermatology, Rheumatology, Pain Management, Palliative Care, and Paediatrics. His proficiency is evident in managing Chronic Diseases, Musculo-Skeletal issues, Orthopaedics, and complex conditions like Diabetes.

At the core of Dr Raymon’s practice is a commitment to preventive healthcare. His philosophy revolves around “getting on top of the disease before the disease gets on top of you.” This proactive approach is especially beneficial for patients dealing with Acute and Chronic Low Back Pain, where Dr Raymon has demonstrated exceptional success, particularly when other methods have proven ineffective.

Dr Raymon’s commitment to patient care is further enriched by his multilingual proficiency. Fluent in English, Russian, and Dari, he ensures effective communication with a diverse range of patients, fostering a comfortable and inclusive healthcare environment.

Dr Yuri Raymon’s extensive experience, diverse skill set, and proactive healthcare philosophy make him a sought-after General Practitioner, dedicated to ensuring the well-being of his patients.

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