Dr Michelle Wellington Women's Health GP Melbourne

Dr Michelle Wellington


Dr Michelle Wellington is a friendly, approachable and experienced GP. She is passionate about developing an enduring therapeutic relationship with her patients to help them achieve their best health outcomes and has a strong interest in Women’s Health.

Dr Wellington is confident in all aspects of general practice and has a particular interest in women’s health, sexual health, fertility, pregnancy care, contraception and menopause.

She is thrilled to be able to provide shared maternity care and inserts implanons and IUDs.

Outside of medicine Michelle loves hanging out with her family, learning new things, and getting into the great outdoors.

Getting to know Dr Wellington

Why did you become a doctor?

I didn’t have the usual linear pathway to becoming a doctor. I started out working in hospitality but eventually craved some more intellectual stimulation so I went back to university where I discovered a passion for learning about the body and how it worked. General practice turned out to be the best way to combine my interest in people with my interest in science.

What are you most looking forward to returning to once lockdown has ended?

I have always used hiking as a way to relieve stress. I love walking in the woods or up a mountain. I have missed doing that more than anything.

What was the most difficult thing about this pandemic? How did you tackle this? 

It has been hard to watch the impact of the pandemic on my kids. I’ve tried to think of ways to keep them engaged with exercise, and have strived to be creative in developing things to look forward to. We have had Karaoke nights, discos and lots and lots of games.

What did you discover during this pandemic (eg. about yourself, a new park, a new café etc)? 

I discovered that I am capable of adapting and thriving in difficult times. I also discovered that I don’t need to go to the gym for exercise. I love riding my bike all over town.

How did you maintain your wellbeing during lockdown? 

I really believe exercise is the key here. I haven’t always been into fitness and I understand it is a daunting task to start to exercise when it hasn’t always been part of your life. I love supporting my patients to find ways to improve their health and fitness.

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