Alyssa O'Brien

Alyssa O’Brien

Practice Nurse

Alyssa is a registered nurse with a Masters in nursing and a passion for primary and preventative care.

She loves primary care because she has the opportunity to work with every age demographic. She can’t choose a favourite, she loves them all!

Alyssa completed her schooling in the United States but has worked in a number of different nursing roles in Australia.  She believes that it is a privilege to be involved in patient care and feels that an individualised and holistic approach is ideal and produces better patient outcomes. Fostering a safe, calm and judgement-free environment is very important to her process, and she believes that patient-led care (incorporating the patient’s goals into their care) is one of the pillars of achieving quality outcomes.  Alyssa looks forward to working with you to achieve your health goals.

Outside of work, Alyssa loves cooking, being with her family, travelling and trying new things.

Getting to know Alyssa

Why did you become a nurse?

I knew at the end of every day I wanted to be able to go home knowing that I’d made a positive impact (even if it was a small one) on/in the world. I feel privileged that I found a profession that allows me to do that.

What are you most looking forward to returning to once lockdown has ended?

I’m most excited for my youngest daughter to see strangers smiling back at her. She loves people so much I can’t wait for her to engage with them normally. As for me personally, I’m most excited to see my family in the US and New Zealand again.

What was the most difficult thing about this pandemic? How did you tackle this? 

I’m very much an get-up-and-go type so lockdown was a real struggle. I tackled this by really getting to know all of the streets, parks, within my 5km area. We also made a real effort to support out local businesses. It was great to get to know our neighbourhood a bit (a lot) better.

What did you discover during this pandemic (eg. about yourself, a new park, a new café etc)? 

I was fortunate enough to get a position during the pandemic as a practice nurse at Albert Road. I learned that I LOVE general practice. I was trained as a Nurse Practitioner in the USA and have been trying to get into the general practice field since moving here. I couldn’t be happier to have landed in this field and at this clinic.

And this may not be a particularly good thing but, I discovered that more things than I ever imagined can be done from the comfort of my couch.

How did you maintain your wellbeing during lockdown? 

Podcasts, Netflix, chocolate, wine, and LOTS of walking, meditating, mindfulness and gentle exercise. I’m also lucky enough to have two young girls who bring me so much joy. They are so carefree, fun-loving and full of life. I tried to turn off the news and tune into them as much as I could.


One thing I’d love for my patients to know about me is that my favourite mantra is ‘Seek first to understand.’ I live by this and really strive to create a judgement-free, safe and compassionate space for people, ALL people, in our clinic.

A healthier you awaits. Give us a try today!